Dog attacks three people in Cass County

NOW: Dog attacks three people in Cass County


A dog attack viciously attacked three people in Cassopolis Sunday, in one of the worst dog bite cases deputies have ever seen.

The two-year-old victim remains at Riley Hospital.

Jennifer Hansford, stepped in when she saw the dog attacking her two grandchildren, Ariel and Anthony.

The children were playing outside at Hansford’s home, when the pit bull mix came running over, from a nearby home.

“I went over there to chase the dog off, and that’s when the dog started attacking everybody,” Hansford said.

The grandmother says she fought the dog for nearly 20 minutes.

She was taken to the hospital along with her grandchildren.

Hansford and Anthony sustained minor injuries, but two-year-old Ariel may remain at Riley for months, according to family.

“I tried to climb on top of her to stop it, but it didn’t work,” Hansford said Monday, recalling the attack.                                                                                

Law enforcement took the dog to animal control.

“The dog came from a neighbor’s house,” Cass County Sheriff Richard Behnke said.

The neighbors who own the dog were unavailable for comment Monday.

The sheriff says they could be facing multiple charges.

Cass County doesn’t have breed bans, but they do have rules about securing pets.

“Just make sure you secure your dogs. It is the law they must be chained or secure when you’re walking them, so use a leash,” Behnke said.

Right now the dog is in quarantine and his future is uncertain,but after what she went through, Hansford says she wants it put down.

“It’s hard to put into words what i had to go through. I’m still worried about the baby though,” Hansford said.

The sheriff says the dog was most likely going after one of Hansford’s dogs that was in heat at the time.

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