Dozens and dozens of bouquets delivered Thursday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Fifteen florists worked all through the night at Sweet Pickens on Ironwood Drive in South Bend in preparation for Valentine’s Day. We followed one of their delivery drivers who made dozens of deliveries.

Therese Erp's Valentine’s Day consists of a hot date with everyone else’s flowers.

"They're always excited. I mean, even if they don't say anything, they smile,” said Erp.

She'll make more than 30 personal deliveries. She takes each turn at a snail’s pace so the vases don’t fall over, turning her trunk into a swimming pool.

She's not allowed to leave the flowers outside. So she does some maneuvering to get them to their owner.

It's hard to not read the mushy cards she says.

It's often too hard to resist.

"Sometimes, yeah, and I just like to share in their joy,” said Erp.

Thankfully some will even read it aloud. And she sticks around to hear it.

Once her car is empty, she returns to the shop to load up again.

Then she hits the road, praying the next round of lucky valentines are as  excited to receive as she is to give.

"They're excited to read the card, and then they'll see these flowers sitting on their table and they'll think about the person who was thinking of them,” said Erp.

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