Dr. Lydia Mertz talks masks, schools, retirement

NOW: Dr. Lydia Mertz talks masks, schools, retirement

ELKHART, Ind.--- Elkhart County's Board of Health held a public meeting Thursday. Some of the topics discussed included hospital bed availability and schools.

The topic that garnered the most discussion was Indiana's mask mandate. Many in attendance of Thursday's meeting opposed the mandate, but officials say masks do more good than harm.

"I, myself am not able to do anything about that," said Dr. Mertz. "I support the mandate because actually masks do make a difference."

It was also revealed tonight that Elkhart County was dealing with a hospital bed shortage following a post Labor Day spike in COVID cases. 

"Distancing six feet, washing hands often is vital to bringing down the risk for Coronavirus," said Dr. Mertz.

Dr. Mertz concluded the meeting by announcing her retirement effective December 31st. 

"I’ve really enjoyed my time here, I had a really great experience," said Dr. Mertz. "I have learned so much and met the most wonderful people so I’m really gonna miss that."

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