Community mourns together at Dr. Todd Graham's funeral

NOW: Community mourns together at Dr. Todd Graham’s funeral

GRANGER, Ind. --   As a community begins the grieving process together, new details come to light in the shooting death of a St. Joseph County doctor.

ABC57 News learned that Michael Jarvis, the man who is accused of shooting Dr. Todd Graham, after a denied opioid prescription for his wife, worked for Notre Dame as a part-time and seasonal employee. 

Dr. Graham worked as an athletic consultant at the university, as well.

While investigators continue to work to piece together this tragic puzzle, the South Bend community is coming together to mourn their loss. 

It was a Monday morning filled with tears, at the St. Pius X Catholic Church in Granger. 

A day a community, dressed in black, came together to grieve. 

"His reputation was huge, and he lived up to it," says one speaker at Dr. Graham's funeral.  "But most importantly, he had the biggest heart and the broadest shoulders to lean on." 

It's been less than a week since Dr. Graham was shot and killed on the job. 

"We're all shattered and heartbroken today, that anything like this could really happen," added another friend. 

It was a day to remember an act of violence. 

An act that left Dr. Graham's family, friends, coworkers, and patients, without him.

"Tireless and irreplaceable. How could you ever replace a man who was involved in so much? His loss is tragic and senseless," says one mourner. 

He leaves behind a hole.  One that many say just won't be filled. 

"I'm going to miss him. We're all going to miss him. The reality of this situation is devastating. Heartbreaking," says a loved one. 

"We are equally determined to celebrate the life of this good man. And that's exactly what he would want," adds another friend. 

Dr. Graham's nieces and nephew led a prayer for those in the health care community.

"For all the physicians in the South Bend community: may they feel the support of those around them. May they continue to administer to those in their care with respect and concern. And may they stay confident in their decisions with the best interests of their patients," they prayed. 

Those who spoke at the memorial service. preached that the community should continue Dr. Graham's mission of helping others, and living life fully.

"He lived every day like it was his last," says one friend. "He personally taught me to cherish life, and most importantly, to love life."

Dr. Graham's son, Travis, released the following statement to ABC57 News.

"My father's passion for medicine inspired me to follow his footsteps. I had less than a year to finish my residency program, before joining him as a doctor in South Bend. Even though we won't get to practice at the same time now, I hope I can be the kind of doctor he would be proud of."

- Travis Graham

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