Drunk driver from viral video turns himself into police

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Monday, the man seen in a video about drinking and driving that went viral has turned himself into police.

Matthew Cordle admitted he was drunk when he drove on the wrong side of a highway in June, slammed into a car, and killed a man.

In his confessional, Cordle begged people not to drink and drive.

So far, more than a million people have watched it.

"If you're trying to preserve yourself, this is a dumb idea, but that's not what Matt's trying to do here.  Matt is trying to send a message that convinces people not to be irresponsible," said Alex Sheen.

Cordle is set to be arraigned Tuesday. There is debate about how the confessional will affect his sentence.

The victim's ex-wife says the apology seemed sincere.

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