Duke's starting linebacker, Rocky Shelton, has ties to Notre Dame

NOW: Duke’s starting linebacker, Rocky Shelton, has ties to Notre Dame

Duke's Rocky Shelton earned his spot as the starting linebacker this season. He spoke with ABC57's Allison Hayes about a special connection he has with Notre Dame and how his defense stacks up against Notre Dame.

"We're really prepared, I mean, the d-linemen, they're getting accurate in practice. So as linebackers, I mean, we're ready to go to war down there in the trenches," Shelton said.

"Looking back into some history with your family, you have a cousin who played football at Notre Dame, Cody Riggs, transferred in to South Bend from Florida. He was a Florida Gator. He was a starter here for the Irish. Have you ever had a chance to talk to Cody, looking up to him, growing up, playing football, did he tell you what the atmosphere, what it's like here at Notre Dame?" Allison said.

"Definitely. As a matter of fact, I chose my high school because he went to the high school. He's always been a role model to me and he always talked about playing at the next level, especially at Notre Dame. I mean, just playing at the same level and playing at where he played at is real exciting for me," Shelton said.

"Just one final question I have for you. I have my own little Rocky Shelton and our pediatrician says if he stays on this track, he's going to be 6'3'', 230 lbs. So we might have a linebacker on our hands, someday, fingers crossed. What advice would you give to my little Rocky Shelton, as he maybe grows up to be a football player some day?" Allison said.

"Eat your vegetables and listen to your parents. I mean in little league, your parents are the ones who take you to practice, get you to school, wherever you need to get to. So just listen to them. I mean, they have a great advice and eat your vegetables and you'll be big and strong," Shelton said.

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