Dyngus Day 2017 kicks off in South Bend

NOW: Dyngus Day 2017 kicks off in South Bend


Dyngus Day events will kick off this morning and the West Side Democratic and Civic Club is just one place hosting a celebration.

Senator Joe Donnelly and Mayor Pete Buttigieg were up early Monday morning to kick off the festivities.

"Dyngus Day is an awesome tradition and it's so much fun," said Senator Joe Donnelly. "The chance to meet people and spend time together and to see old friends that's the nicest part," Donnelly said.

The West Side Democratic Club is the home of the original "Dyngus Day" in South Bend. 

Dyngus Day always falls on the day after Easter Sunday. 

It's not just a day where the city can enjoy some delicious kielbasa, but also a day to talk politics.

Senator Joe Donnelly spoke to ABC 57 News about several issues, including supporting President Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, and the President's decision to launch missile strikes against Syria.

"I supported the effort and what we are hoping is now that the President will come to Congress," Donnelly said. "Tell us what is the plan that you have for Syria? How do you plan to succeed?" Donnelly said. 

The West Side Democratic Club will be serving kielbasa, eggs, noodles and sweet n'sour cabbage. 

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