E. Coli investigation continues

The investigation into an E. Coli outbreak in two Michiana counties continues.

On Thursday, ABC 57 collected samples from Fulton County and Marshall County and turned them in to YES labs.

The samples were from the splash pad in Marshall County and a drinking fountain in Fulton County. They were both negative for bacteria.

The third sample, from Lake Manitou, came back positive for E. Coli.

“Unfortunately there is E. Coli in this water,” A.J. Zakrocki, lead lab technician at YES labs said.

This doesn’t mean it is the cause of the E. Coli outbreak in Fulton, Wabash and Marshall counties

E. Coli in lake water is actually common. 

“It’s natural for a lot of lakes to have it,” Zakrocki said.

Zakrocki says she’s seen E. Coli in every lake she’s tested.

It’s just one of the reasons the Indiana State Health Department says you should keep your mouth closed when swimming in a lake or pool.

The health department says they’re investigating six cases as possible E. Coli contamination in Fulton, Wabash and Marshall counties.

Three have been confirmed as E. Coli.

Right now the Indiana State Department of Health and the local health departments are searching for the source.

Despite a lot of unanswered questions, health professionals do know how to prevent the spread of the bacteria. 

A lot of it has to do with you how you prepare food.

Always make sure meat is cooked all the way through. 

It’s also important to wash your hands.

The health department says the best ways to avoid E. Coli is to be cautious of what you eat and drink.

They say there is no need to avoid any place or environment in particular at this point. 

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