Edwardsburg Superintendent retiring after 23 years

NOW: Edwardsburg Superintendent retiring after 23 years


EDWARDSBURG, Mich. -- Sherman Ostrander, the Superintendent of Edwardsburg Public Schools, is retiring after 23 years.

The school district held an open house to celebrate his legacy Wednesday afternoon.

“It gets a bit emotional, but uh, no regrets,” he said.

Ostrander started his career at Edwardsburg with a 2-year commitment but never knew it would turn into a 31-year career as an educator there.

To Ostrander his biggest accomplishment wasn’t the national recognition or multiple awards but rather the culture that he helped create.

Ostrander said, “We were on some rough times many years ago. We’ve evolved into a wonderful district with a great academic reputation.” He adds, “Kids are proud to say they go to Edwardsburg and that wasn’t always the situation. They wear their orange and blue and I think that culture is something I’ll cherish forever.”

June 30 is when Ostrander’s retirement officially begins as incoming Superintendent Jim Knoll takes over.

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