Election Results: Goshen Mayoral race

GOSHEN, Ind.-- It was a historic night for Goshen Mayor Al Kauffman in more ways than one. He announced that this would be his last election, and he went out with a bang, by winning with the largest margin he's ever had.

"I am pleased with my margin, but it is a bittersweet night," said Kauffman.

Initially, the Goshen election looked to be one of the most heated in Michiana. With the recent spike in violent crimes, Goshen residents pressed candidates for solutions.

"There is no trend in these violent crimes," said Kauffman.

Kauffman attributes his victory to the contributions of Goshen's younger residents.

"They care about the diversity, they care about the quality of life initiatives and they want to keep Goshen a great place to call home." 

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