Electric scooters now available for rent in Warsaw

NOW: Electric scooters now available for rent in Warsaw

WARSAW, Ind.—A Marion-based business is now renting out electric scooters in Warsaw.

Morrell’s Scooters has placed 12 electric scooters in Warsaw that can be rented out through a mobile app.

The cost of the scooter rental is $1 to start and 40 cents per minute when riding.

The scooters are available from a dock-less parking zone on the Mad Anthony’s side of East Center Street and at the entrance of Central Park in Warsaw.

Morrell’s Scooters owner Ronald Morrell started the business in 2019 in his hometown of Marion. He has since expanded the scooters to Wabash, Upland, Gas City and now Warsaw.

“This is a business made by someone from small town Indiana, for small town Indiana,” Morrell said.

Riders, over the age of 18, interested in renting a scooter need to download the GOAT Scooter Rental mobile app and sign up.

A map in the app shows riders where they can ride the scooters and where to park.

Morrell is also planning to make scooters available in Winona Lake.

To celebrate the ribbon cutting for the new scooters, the Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce produced the above video to show them in action.

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