Elementary student shoots school bus with BB gun

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Coquillard Elementary School and the South Bend Empowerment Zone are investigating a report of a student shooting their rear bus window with a BB gun.

The incident occurred on Tuesday afternoon as Coquillard’s Bus #28 was conducting its afternoon drop-off. After exiting the bus, the student shot the window.  

The parents of the three students remaining on the bus were immediately notified. None of these students were harmed.

Subsequently, a report was made to police.

On Wednesday morning, the school’s social worker is meeting with each student and will be assessing whether they need support following the incident.

According to Coquillard’s Interim Principal, Germaine Smith, and Chief/CEO of the South Bend Empowerment Zone, Dr. Cheryl Camacho, student safety is a top priority. Student consequences to be applied in accordance with the Indiana statute.

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