Elkhart county 4H fair warning of fake tickets

NOW: Elkhart county 4H fair warning of fake tickets

GOSHEN, Ind -- We first saw the fake tickets for the Lerner Theatre, but now, that focus has shifted to the Elkhart County 4-H Fair, returning this Friday.

Citizens of Elkhart County and surrounding areas have been counting down the days for the return of the fair, just to have the possibility of being turned away at the entrance, because of a fake ticket.

Scalpers have been taking advantage of the fact that many sales are taking place online, to avoid face to face interactions.

"You know ticket scalping is something that’s been around in the event world for many, many years and probably will be around for many years to come. It’s always a huge disappointment when guest arrive and they think they have a ticket in their hand, they purchased from somebody who that they thought was a reputable source, and unfortunately, it’s not," said Elkhart County 4-H Fairgrounds general manager Miranda Muir.

With advanced technology and COVID-19 restrictions, scalpers are aware of the vulnerability of online consumers.

Unfortunately, that means that those who barely have money due to low employment rates and wages, are losing more money on the front end.

"Scamming people, not only is it taking our money that we aren’t earning right now because of stuff going on withCOVID-19, it’s even taking away from feeding our kids and our family because it’s not real tickets," said Elkhart County resident Alexander Parker.

To purchase tickets securely, fair officials suggest doing so in person at the fairgrounds in Goshen or purchasing online at https://www.4hfair.org/.

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