Elkhart County Health Department to spray for mosquitoes

Picture by @CityOfGoshen Picture by @CityOfGoshen
ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – The Elkhart County Health Department and Indiana State Department of Health have been monitoring eastern equine encephalitis activity within the county. To be proactive ahead of a small number of cases in LaPorte, LaGrange, and Kosciusko counties, Elkhart County plans to have targeted sprays against mosquitoes.

There is one probable human EEE case and three probable equine cases in those counties, with four more suspected equine cases.

The targeted mosquito control will use aerial spraying to help protect residents of EEE, despite it being rare.

The EEE virus can cause serious illness and has a fatality rate of about 33% in people.

An approved pesticide, Dibrom, will be used as an ultra-low volume spray. This method suspends it as an aerosol that kills mosquitoes on contact but breaks down rapidly in water and sunlight.

While this spraying method will kill most of the mosquitos, residents in Elkhart County should still take precautions.

Spraying will occur on Tuesday, September 22 at dusk, with Wednesday, September 23, as a backup date, if needed.

Residents are instructed to protect ornamental fish ponds and bee hives, and organic farms registered on Field Watch won’t be sprayed.

If an organic farm isn’t registered, they can contact Jeff Burbrink at Purdue University Extension, Goshen, at 574-533-0554, by Monday afternoon.

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