Elkhart County law enforcement boosting road safety ahead of holiday season

Driving during the holidays is one of the most dangerous times to be on the road. But, law enforcement in Elkhart County want to make sure that get to your destination safely.

Officers from the Elkhart County Traffic Safety Partnership will participate in Indiana’s “Safe Family Travel” campaign.

They will be using saturated patrols, which means putting more officers in one specific area, and high visibility zones so they can spot drunk or unsafe drivers.

They will also be able to spot any seat belt or child restraint violations so the roadways can be safer this holiday season.

The Indiana Criminal Justice Institute reports that in November 2015, there were 533 alcohol-related accidents in the state, which resulted in 220 injuries and seven fatalities.

In the same month, 285 accidents involved at least one person in the car not wearing a seat belt.

If you’re traveling with children, make sure you have appropriate seating whether it’s a car seat or booster seat.

If you spot a suspected drunk driver, call 911 to report the driver immediately.

This campaign will go from now until December 4th all across the county.

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