Elkhart County Parks hosting winter car safety workshop Saturday

GOSHEN, Ind--- Elkhart County Parks is hosting the first of its Outdoor Warrior Series on Saturday at  1 p.m. at Ox Bow Park. Saturday's event will cover winter car safety tips.

There will be discussions and topics on how to change a flat tire, jump start a dead battery, what to do when your car is stuck in snow, and how to best drive through icy conditions. Drivers will also learn what supplies to keep on-hand in case of an emergency. 

The purpose of the Outdoor Warrior Series is to get people comfortable with being out in nature. Each session will have different safety tips to keep people safe on outdoor adventures. 

“These days, I think a lot us are beginning to lose touch with our sense of adventure and curiosity for the outdoors,” said Annie Aguirre, Event Coordinator. “We live in a modern, fast-paced environment, and makes it challenging to get outside and experience something new. That’s why we created this series – to help people get in touch with their inner-rouge and inspired to step back into nature.”

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