Elkhart County project will fund people's creative and artistic ideas

NOW: Elkhart County project will fund people’s creative and artistic ideas


ELKHART COUNTY, Ind.-Vibrant Communities in Elkhart County is challenging you to share ideas that will inspire others and make the community brighter.

“The Little Big Idea Grant” project was launched by the volunteer improvement community group earlier in July.

At Elkhart’s “Art Walk” in May, they went around and ask folks “What’s your little big idea?” People wrote their ideas on a sign for a video the organization posted online to promote the project. You can watch the video HERE. 

Many said things like a signature wall that everyone can sign, a cat café or a massive slip n’slide set up in the street in their town.

It’s just whatever will touch people’s lives that isn’t part of a big you know arts council or city or county government really that’s individual,” said Steve Gruber, Director of Arts on the Main in Elkhart. “Really somebody that was just inspired to do this thing that would have some kind of ripple effect in the community,” Gruber said.

Vibrant Communities will award little grants for your big ideas. The project is funded by the Community Foundation of Elkhart County and the Elkhart County Convention and Visitor’s Bureau.

The group will award a few grants up to $1,000 each month, with a total of $50,000 to give out.

“They have to give us a budget, we’re pretty specific that it goes to program materials,” Gruber said.

The idea has to occur in Elkhart County.

Submissions will be reviewed at the end of each month. Finalists might be asked to come to a community pitch night, where they will have to persuade the committee why their idea deserves a grant and how it will benefit the county.

If you’re interested, you can submit your idea online HERE.

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