Elkhart County Prosecutor asks community to help with drug crisis

NOW: Elkhart County Prosecutor asks community to help with drug crisis


ELKHART, Ind.- Officials say a drug crisis is to blame for the loss of several lives in Elkhart County. Vicki Becker, the county prosecutor stood on the corner of State And Madison Wednesday morning, where 18-year-old Lennel Williams was shot to death on August 27th, to ask the community to step up and make a change.

Becker says 19-year-old Santori Dorsey is in custody for the death of Lenell Williams, who was shot just over three weeks ago.

The other two males involved, who are between 18-25 years old, are recovering. One was injured and the other was shot.

The purpose of Becker’s speech is to help the community understand they play a vital role in improving this area. “This is a public safety emergency in our community and it’s going to take our community to put a stop to it,” she says.

Becker says at least 12 have died in the last 15 years in the county and at least 25 have been prosecuted for those deaths.

“I see a lot of like people grouping together in certain places and especially with the people getting killed, how quickly that can go wrong,” says Robert Delich, who lives in the area.

Delich moved from Bristol to this neighborhood in Elkhart. He says he’s empathizes with those involved in drug related crimes. “Crazy how you can see someone one day and then the next day you find out something like that.”

But this issue goes beyond the shooting that happened and according to Becker it has to stop. “Because we have tolerated this kind of business in our streets it is the reality. Drug dealers you are corrupting our neighborhoods."

Becker adds drug dealing is not a victim-less crime; it affects everyone who is exposed to it.

“Think about how it’s going to feel when police come to your door explaining to you that either your child is dead or in jail, “she says.

Delich says asking the community for answers is tough, “That’s kind of something that I would want to stay aside from only because you never know.”

But Becker says the right choice is not always the easy one. “You can turn off social media, you can ignore people making comments and gossiping about you. You can’t ignore a bullet coming through your front door.”

Becker adds she cares about what’s happening in these communities, but neighbors have to take part in solutions.

Lenell Williams’ case came to conclusion because of the neighbors in this community. Right now, other people of interest are being looked at, but that information will not be disclosed at this time.

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