Elkhart County providing tablets for incarcerated individuals through new partnership

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – The Elkhart County Sheriff’s Office announced Wednesday that incarcerated individuals at the Elkhart County Correctional Complex will soon have access to tablets thanks to a partnership with Securus Technologies.

The program, which is set to begin on November 11, 2021, will give incarcerated individuals access to free re-entry and educational opportunities as well as premium media and communication services.  

The JP6S tablets will let these individuals securely connect with loved ones and access applications like eBooks, a job search platform, an educational platform, and more.

“If we are going to meaningfully address recidivism rates, then we need to get serious about providing state-of-the-art technology to the incarcerated community,” said Sheriff Jeff Siegel. “That is exactly what we are doing with our new partnership with Securus to introduce tablets, which will help modernize corrections in Elkhart County and deliver results of which our entire community can be proud.”

The tablets are designed to prevent misuse and the operating system is designed to function through a closed infrastructure, so incarcerated individuals can only connect to a network that allows access to functions approved by the facility.

The tablet’s technology also monitors communications in real time and will alert correctional staff about potential attempts at misuse.

“While tablet technology is ubiquitous in modern life, its game-changing communications, educational, and rehabilitative potential remains out of reach for far too many incarcerated Americans,” said Nancy Salisbury, Vice President of Sales for Securus Technologies. “We applaud Elkhart County for taking such an important step forward and providing its incarcerated community with new tools to stay connected with loved ones and continue their rehabilitation so that they can have a successful second chance when they rejoin their communities.”

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