Elkhart County search warrant turns into a South Bend SWAT investigation

NOW: Elkhart County search warrant turns into a South Bend SWAT investigation


A search warrant out of Elkhart County turned into a South Bend SWAT situation on Monday.

Crews were called out to roll out that search warrant issued after an armed robbery.

Almost everyone living in this area said the sight of seeing the SWAT team close to their home left them in shock  and according to Lt. Eugene Eyster with South Bend PD, it all started based on the nature of this investigation.

“There’s information that this party was involved in an armed situation. Any time we’re dealing with weapons and the history of the individual needs more attention,” he said.

Around 11 a-m South Bend police and Elkhart County officials were called on to the 1200 block of East Madison Street to help conduct a search warrant.

I believe the Elkhart County wanted to talk to them based on an armed robbery,” said Lt. Eyster.

He added the SWAT team was called 30 minutes after they arrived on scene. Soon after that officers were trying to locate their suspect.

There was some contact made with the people that were in the home and they came out and claimed there was no one else in the home,” said Eyster.

Minutes later, there was a direct line placed inside the home where the search warrant started to make communication easier, but Lt. Eyster said they did not find who they were looking for.

I believe a female and a male but not the individual they were looking for,” said Lt. Eyster.

After an hour and a half had passed crews started clearing the scene. Lt- Eyster said there was no reason to doubt the individual they were looking for was in fact inside the home. “Elkhart had information and they believed he was in the home. He may have left before we were called.”

I was able to get in contact with Captain  James Bradberry, with the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department,  says no one has been arrested and the individual they were looking for has not be found at this time.

Bradberry could not give a description of the suspect because the investigation is currently open.

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