Elkhart couple arrested for having sex in public

ELKHART, Ind.-- Precious McKnight wants her kids to watch cartoons on Sunday mornings-not strangers rolling around on her front lawn having sex.

"I was like what the [expletive deleted]? They're trying to evict me but you have people out here having sex on my lawn? I was speechless," said McKnight, disgusted neighbor.

She just moved across the way from 18A to 7D, but never thought the new place would come with an X-rated curb appeal.  

McKnight says the woman who now lives in her old apartment clearly isn't a fan of the bedroom inside it. 

"She came all the way across on another side in front of my new apartment and had sex on the lawn. Who does that?" said McKnight.

Police arrived on the scene just after 7:30 in the morning and arrested 21-year-old Jalisa Ruffin and 25-year-old Frank Albano for public indecency and sexual intercourse in public. 

"We don't do things like that," said neighbor Ruth Collier. "We don't live that way out here. You know it's pretty safe out here."

Tons of children fill the surrounding streets and in nine months -who knows- there may be one more.

"I think it is disgusting and they did the right thing by calling the police," said Collier. 

But McKnight says she'll be keeping a close eye outside for the birds and the bees. 

"Like I hope no kids saw it either but I highly doubt it, but I hope they didn't get any bright ideas."

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