Elkhart Fair continues with final preperations

GOSHEN, Ind. -- The Elkhart County Fair is just a couple of days away from starting and the heat isn't slowing down preparations.

The fair kicks off on Friday.

Food vendors and commerical exhibits are being set up and 4-H students are getting the barns ready for animals.

The marketing director said they're dealing with a lot of dry grass and dust. So, they're re-arranging some schedules to help beat the heat.

"The vendors, they're working more in the morning times and late evening times. They're trying to stay, right now when things are getting a little heated out here, they're just slowing down, taking breaks, finding that air conditioning, going out to lunch," Kristry Ambrosen said.

Because of the dry contitions smoking will be only allowed in designated areas.

The fair will also bring in misters to help keep people cool.

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