Elkhart hospice care patient finds love late in life

It’s never too late for love.

A simple yet sweet message one Elkhart couple wants to share with the world.

Melissa Crane is a hospice care patient at AseraCare Hospice in Elkhart, and she found love later in life.

She’s blind and an amputee, but despite all her hardships, she made a vow Thursday to spend the rest of her days with the man she loves.

“Love is hard to find,” she said. “And you got to cherish it.”

Crane says she found her true love in her forties.

He is a fellow resident at Golden Living nursing home where she has been staying for over a year.

“It doesn’t matter where you find love or what the age is. If it’s love, it’s love,” she said.

His name Jim Pettit and he’s a bit older than older.

In fact, he’s in his seventies.

They’re separated by age, but they’re closer than ever in love.

And with a little help, they got the chance to share their love with the community.

“We try and focus on granting last wishes, bucket lists, that kind of thing,” said Jan Hooten, of AseraCare Hospice.

The nursing home held a “Ceremony of Love” for the couple.

The event was possible thanks to some of the businesses in downtown Elkhart.

Quite a few donated clothes, jewelry and food to the center all to make Crane’s dream wedding a reality.

“She felt like a princess for the day and her prince charming met her at the end of the aisle,” said Lynne Lochmondy, AseraCare Hospice

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