Elkhart Humane Society full after floods

NOW: Elkhart Humane Society full after floods

The Humane Society of Elkhart County has been overloaded because of the mass influx of rescued animals due to the flooding.

“During the flooding period there was a five day period where we took in one hundred thirty one animals just in that five day period and of those the majority, or about seventy of those were directly related to the flood says Anne Reel the Executive Director of the Humane Society of Elkhart County.

Reel says the organization works closely with animal rescue organizations and those seeking shelter to return animals back to their homes as soon as possible.

Despite being overloaded the Humane Society has and will still work closely with law enforcement to bring animals to shelter.

“Our Humane Society officers worked with law enforcement and emergency personnel to help obtain the animals and bring them to the shelter says Anne Reel.

Reel also recommend the Humane Society’s “Pet Safe” program which helps people house their animals at the shelter on County Road 19 for up to ten days.

The Humane society says in this busy time they would appreciate donations of money and pet supplies which can be dropped off during business hours or done online on their website.

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