Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson makes "State of the City" address

NOW: Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson makes “State of the City“ address


ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson gave his first "State of the City" address virtually Monday evening, leading his speech off with a thank you to healthcare workers for everything they’ve done this year.

"I have prepared a list of accomplishments this administration has achieved in its first year, and as proud as I am, it truly pales in comparison to the year our healthcare workers have experienced. Through the most difficult and bleak circumstances of their career, our frontline healthcare workers have seen an unfathomable amount of death and suffering. They have been the health professional, family, friend, and companion to hundreds of patients who were forced to recover or, not recover, alone. From the bottom of our hearts, to our healthcare staff here in Elkhart, thank you, thank you,” the mayor said.

Following his showing of thanks to healthcare workers, Mayor Roberson talked about how his administration has focused on “Building Elkhart Together,” which was his campaign slogan from when he ran for mayor.

Roberson ended his address with remarks looking forward to 2021 and hopefully moving past the coronavirus pandemic.

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