Elkhart Mayoral Primary Debate to air on WMYS

NOW: Elkhart Mayoral Primary Debate to air on WMYS

Elkhart voters who did not get a ticket to the Elkhart Mayoral Primary Debate presented by Elkhart Public Library on Tuesday, can watch the debate live on WMYS or abc57.com.

Former city council member Rod Roberson and the head of the Elkhart Education Foundation Ashley Boling Molyneaux are running to be the Democratic candidate for mayor.

Both candidates say they want to make changes to the Elkhart Police Department after two officers were charged in federal court for allegedly beating a handcuffed suspect.

"That was an abuse of civil rights. Period on that. So we have to understand how to balance, how we manage our police department and build a different culture, so that we can re-engage the trust and credibility, transparency and accountability with the police department and that will be the first order of business," Roberson said.

"It's hard to make relationships from a cop car. You've got to get outside. You've got to be on foot. You've got to be on bike patrols. We've got to be at neighborhood association meetings, at events, having opportunities for really positive interaction between the community and the police officers because that builds trust over time as well," Boling Molyneaux said.

The winner of the primary will face former mayor David Miller in November. He is the only Republican in the race.

All of the tickets for the event at Iechyd Da Brewing Company have been given out.

The event will be broadcast live on WMYS, channel 69.1, and will be live streamed on ABC57.com beginning at 7 p.m. on April 16.

If you have a question you'd like to ask the candidates, just send us an email at [email protected].

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