Elkhart police warn about a phone call scam

NOW: Elkhart police warn about a phone call scam

ELKHART, Ind. – The Elkhart police department are warning people about a phone call scam.

The department has received two reports of residents being contacted by phone from someone claiming to be at the police department.

The caller claims there’s a warrant or bond issued in their name and tells them to buy a prepaid debit card and bring it to the station.

The Elkhart police department said in a Facebook post   that they will “never contact you instructing you to bring prepaid card or money order to the police department. It should also be noted that the Elkhart Police Department would never ask you for any banking information or personal information, unless you have contacted us in regards to a report of that nature.”

If you are ever unsure about a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Elkhart police department, you can contact them directly at their non-emergency line 574-295-7070 or visit the police department.

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