Elkhart upgrades recycling program

ELKHART, Ind.—Elkhart residents interested in acquiring a larger recycling receptacle can now receive a 48 or 96-gallon bin at no charge.

A newly approved seven-year contract with Borden Waste-Away will offer this option to every resident that is able to participate in curbside recycling.

Elkhart residents who have already received a 48 or 96-gallon bin can expect to see that charge dropped from their bill beginning January 1.

Previously, residents could only have an 18-gallon green recycling tote. These totes lack lids and are often overflowing onto the street edges, however, residents may still use these totes if they want to.

Residents wishing to upgrade to a new, larger bin should contact Borden directly at (574) 293-5001.

In addition to using bins, residents can also bring electronics and Styrofoam to Recycling Works, located at 605 Mason Street in Elkhart. The free drop-off dates for 2019 will take place on March 25, June 27, September 26, and December 19.

For questions or concerns regarding the new Borden contract, contact Public Works and Utilities at (574) 293-2572.

To learn more about recycling, contact the Elkhart Environmental Center at (574) 293-5070.

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