Elkhart residents and mayor preparing for President Trump's visit

NOW: Elkhart residents and mayor preparing for President Trump’s visit

“His excitement is just coming; he hasn’t figured this out yet,” said Robb Frantz alongside his 6-year-old son Jacob Frantz.

Ready or not, the president and vice president of the United States are on their way to Michiana.

POTUS 45 and V.P. Mike Pence are making a stop in Elkhart Thursday, two days after the primary elections, to speak in front of thousands at North Side Middle School to talk tax cuts, tout the economy and rally republican supporters.

“You’ve got to be excited anytime the president comes. However you lean, it’s a historic moment to see than man in charge,” said Robb Frantz.

Robb and 6-year-old Jacob are so excited that, well, they’re still in the process of preparation.

“The first thing I thought was ‘I’m going to have to mow my lawn! (laughs)’,” said Robb Frantz.

But they’ll be ready by the time President Donald Trump arrives.

“This morning when we heard it was going to be right here in my backyard, just about literally, I was like ‘wow, got to try and go’ and my brother was able to get online and get the whole family and opportunity to go see,” said Robb Frantz.

I caught up with Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese who says a visit on this scale is great news.

“The ability to have Elkhart be probably the lead story around the United States over the course of the next few days and to talk about our diversity and economic development,” said Mayor Neese.

“I hope he just keeps pushing the fact that jobs are the number one thing; keeping the economy moving. And as long as people keep working, nothing can stop this country,” said Robb Frantz.

Residents like Robb and Jacob say they’re ready to hear what he has to say.

“This guys is going to grow up in a good country.. no matter what happens. I believe in America,” said Robb Frantz.

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