Elkhart’s next mayor discusses win

NOW: Elkhart’s next mayor discusses win

ELKHART, Ind.—Elkhart’s next mayor, Rod Roberson, was live in ABC57’s studio on Wednesday following November 5 elections.

“I’m glad that we’re past it. I’m glad that it ended last night but the celebration was fitting because the emotions were there. I think people feel as though they really came together,” Roberson said.

On Tuesday night, Roberson said that he wants to be the best mayor that Elkhart has ever seen.

“If we’re able to unite the city’s talents and all of the people who have invested so much into the city then it becomes a natural process for there to be some great things in store,” Roberson said.

On voter concerns on public safety, Roberson said that he will create a transition plan to assist with community and police relations.

“We have a very good police department. It’s just a matter of how we change the culture to ensure that we are policing in a way that the neighborhoods are accountable and the neighborhoods feel what that looks like,” Roberson.

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