Elkhart supply chain creating sanitizer for public use

NOW: Elkhart supply chain creating sanitizer for public use

ELKHART, Ind. – Kem Krest in Elkhart is working to create its own sanitizer for public use during a shortage. 

The company specializes in Chemical Packaging and has already made an alcohol-based solution for current customers and employees to utilize.

Kem Krest hopes to further production to supply medical workers and other companies or organizations.

The company says they are currently waiting on a permit to purchase alcohol in order to produce mass amounts.

“This is not going to be solved by leaning on the government. This is going to be solved by the private industries that are getting together to try and find innovative and creative ways to support the community and to find products that are going to help us reduce the spread of this virus,” CEO Amish Shah said.

Kem Krest says that based on their resources, they feel as though it is their duty to provide where they can.

“Right now our country needs us. Our country needs businesses to come together and solve this problem. Right here in Indiana we make things. What you’re seeing now is the ingenuity of the American spirit coming together to solve this crisis,” said Rudy Yakym, Director of Growth Initiatives.

The company says they plan to produce other products but are working to further the initiative past beginning phases at the moment.

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