Elkhart woman charged in husband’s death

ELKHART, Ind. – Nearly one month after Elder Castillo Sr. was reported missing, his wife who is now on the run, has been charged with his murder.

According to a probable cause affidavit, Castillo was reported missing by his brother on May 28 when he had not heard from him in approximately two weeks.

The brother told police he was receiving texts from his brother’s phone but didn’t believe it was him as the messages used language that was different.

Court documents say police contacted Castillo’s wife, Angelica, who said her husband’s phone was damaged and he was in Mexico for the next two weeks.

On June 6, Castillo’s son was at his parent’s home on Hiawatha Street and said he smelled a strong, foul odor and contacted police.

Investigators said they were in the home’s garage when they found a body wrapped in multiple layers of “various articles.”

A search warrant was obtained for the garage and evidence technicians uncovered Castillo’s naked body rolled in the “articles.” Records say an AR-15 and Glock 9mm with two magazines were found in the home as well.

Throughout the search, technicians found a hole in the bathroom’s shower wall where a bullet was recovered and three receipts: One from Lowe’s, Menards, and Big Lots which reportedly documented the items purchased to wrap Castillo’s body and cleaning supplies.

Records note surveillance video of the stores captured a female who appeared to be Angelica purchasing those items.

During the investigation, Angelica allegedly admitted to knowing her husband was dead inside the home and believed he was killed a few days before Mother’s Day. She claimed one of Castillo’s uncles had killed him but she couldn’t say anything because that uncle was part of the Mexican Cartel. This conversation was over the phone with police as Angelica refused to give a statement in person, according to court paperwork.

Her claim was later found to be false as the uncle in question was proven to be in a different location at the time of Castillo’s death.

On June 8, an autopsy was completed on Castillo’s body that revealed he had been shot in the head.

The probable cause affidavit states his coworker told police Castillo was having problems with his wife “spending all of their money” and he had recently gotten his own bank account without his wife knowing.

While investigating transactions made around the time of his murder, it was discovered Castillo started his new bank account with approximately $15,000 on May 11. On May 19, a bank teller noticed a female using Castillo’s ATM card. A photograph from the ATM pictured Angelica using the card, according to detectives.

The bank told police by June 6, Castillo’s bank account had dwindled to approximately $1,300.

Court records say an $80,235 transfer from Castillo’s retirement account to his personal checking account was made on May 31.

A warrant has been issued for Angelica Castillo’s arrest.

Anyone with information regarding her whereabouts is asked to contact police.

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