Emergency responders take to social media during floods

Emergency responders have been reaching out to residents in Michiana using social media to warn them of flooding conditions.

“We use Facebook, we use Twitter, we’re starting to use Instagram a little bit more,” said Ron Mesler, Deputy Fire Marshal for Clay Fire.

Police and fire crews are taking to your timeline to keep you and your family safe.

“It could be a safety message, it might be an issue on a street, a fire or something. We try to get that information out so we can try to keep people safe and out of an area.”

They’ve posted warnings about flooded roads, basements, damage, and what they are doing to fix these problems, but it’s not just an occasional tweet or Facebook post.

“We try to hit social media everyday if we can. We try to send out some kinda message,” said Mesler.

So if you’re looking for updates about current conditions-

South Bend, Mishawaka, and Clay Fire all share our media back and forth. When they put out something very important that we need to share with our community also, I will l re-tweet those,” said Mesler.

You can follow just about any of these agencies through Facebook and Twitter by simply looking them up by name or clicking on the names available above.

There is also Mishawaka FireSouth Bend Police/Fire dispatch, St. Joseph County Police, Bremen Police Department, Elkhart Police Department, and many others available on Facebook and Twitter.

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