Eric Holcomb campaigns in Elkhart ahead of Election Day

Eric Holcomb had campaign conversations with voters over coffee.

Top Republican Party nominees, including the Governor candidate, made a stop in Michiana just ahead of Election Day.

U.S. Rep Jackie Walorski, who is also running for re-election, joined Holcomb in Monday’s appearance at Lucchese's Italian Restaurant.

“We’re coming around that turn and heading down the final stretch, we can see that checkered flag and we’re pedal to the medal, all the way through to election night,” said Holcomb.

This governor hopeful, expressed nothing but confidence in big Republican wins on Tuesday.

And his supporters backed his beliefs.

“Oh I’m super excited, Eric Holcomb is going to be an awesome governor,” said voter Jody Weldy.

Quite a few folks that attended the meet and greet, were pulling for Republicans down the ticket.

 Indiana historically has been considered a “Red State.”

So despite the momentum behind his opponent John Gregg’s campaign, Holcomb doesn’t see that changing.”

“I'm confident, the state of Indiana will remain in good hands, and we’re going to continue that forward momentum and we’re going to send Jackie Walorski back to congress and we’re going to keep our majorities in the state house and the state senate,” said Holcomb.

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