Escape Warsaw bringing real treasure hunt to South Bend

 ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. – A real-life treasure hunt is coming to South Bend on Oct. 16.

Escape Warsaw hid a cash prize of $2,000 somewhere in the South Bend/ Mishawaka area. The owner of the company behind the hunt, Michael Haverstock released the first question on the map early. 

The first clue reads: Once home to the elite of old, I see countless flagless flagpoles getting an SB treat and I’m parked, how many yards are there marked? 

The treasure map comes out at 7 p.m. on Oct. 16, but, Haverstock recommends people start hunting for the gold on Saturday morning when it's light out. 
He released three warm-ups as well to give people an idea of what to expect. 

 “If you want to know if you have the skill set to solve the map- definitely play the warmup they are three warm-ups, I think with a little grit, you can solve the map,” Haverstock said. 

The treasure map has a handful of questions filled with riddles and clues on places and historical facts throughout South Bend and Mishawaka.  The hunt will go on until someone finds the $2,000 cash prize. Haverstock said he thinks someone will win by Saturday night.

“I’m going to start releasing clues around noon, and I'll be releasing clues throughout the day. I anticipate by the time I’m done giving clues someone will have found the treasure, and if not it will go on until Sunday,” Haverstock said.

For more information and to purchase a map go to

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