Event organizers prepare for first ever Niles Cannabis Music Festival

NOW: Event organizers prepare for first ever Niles Cannabis Music Festival


NILES, Mich. --- This weekend marks the first ever cannabis festival in Niles. The event was approved by the city council back in June and if it goes well organizers will be able to pursue a bigger weed event in the fall.

Organizers describe it as a first event of it’s kind with a very strong local feel. Bands, vendors, and artists from the Michiana area will be present with the goal to educate community members on the benefits cannabis can provide.

“It’s just taking away a stigma that’s been portrayed as something horrible for years that now we can finally let out and run with it and people are really enjoying it to learn what we’re about," says George Pittenturf, Head of Sales for ReLeaf Wellness Center.

Organizers have been preparing for the event over the last four months once they got approval from city council members.

“We are out of the Lansing area. We brought that idea to Niles. I have been here probably 24 times and I’m starting to really love Niles, so when that vote came in 6-2 I was so excited cause I’m like this is meant to be," said Mel Spencley, Float Presents Event Organizer.

With 20 vendors all from the Michiana area Pittenturf says the event will hopefully bring awareness to the small towns that allow dispensaries like his to operate.

"Brings people into town, brings people to the local diners, restaurants, little shops downtown, and it just gives people a chance to see different spots that they never would be able to go to," said Pittenturf.

Event organizers have already been contacted by eight different cities within the state to create a similar festival. It’s something Spencley says is exactly what she wanted - to create a safe space for people to educate themselves on the medical benefits of cannabis.

“Everybody I talk to when we started this thinks exactly like I think. They want to change lives. They’re in here because they know it works and they have helped so many people. Why do we want to stop that? There’s no reason we should stop that," said Spencley.

The festival has two time slots for Saturday and tickets are still available at this time. Those interested in attending can purchase here:

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