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Experts offer tips on saving money on heating bills this winter

As colder days approach, there are some things you can do to save money on your heating bills. Joe Bryant from Legacy Heating and Air has several tips.

"A lot of customers ask us about whether or not to set their temperature back on their thermostat while they're sleeping or while they're gone. You can. It's kind of a personal preference thing. Putting it back maybe two or three degrees would be ok. If you go any further than that it actually will end up costing money to bring the house back up to temperature," Bryant said.

In addition to keeping the thermostat consistent, check your home's insulation.

"A big deal is insulation. Poke your head up in the attic. See if you can see your trusses. You really should have about 11 to 15 inches, minimum of insulation in the roof," Bryant said.

To keep your furnace working efficiently, have it serviced every year.

And if it's a sunny day - keep your blinds or curtains open to let the sun warm your home naturally.

You can also seal any cracks around your windows or doors where heat might escape.

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