Fair organizers and fair goers share tips for people and animals to stay cool

NOW: Fair organizers and fair goers share tips for people and animals to stay cool

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The fair must go on, despite the heat.

The first day of the St. Joseph County Fair wrapped up earlier tonight.

And while we often think of one another when staying cools at events like the fair during extreme weather conditions, what about the animals?

ABC 57 News talked to some goat owners to find out.

Chloe Prikosovich says she checks up on her goats every 30 minutes, and that’s about how often people like Chloe are checking up on their goats as we head into some extreme heat conditions this weekend.

Savannah Urbanski owns 12 goats and has been showing these goats at the county fair for over 10 years.

Her favorite part of the fair is the good food; she says the fair always has good food.

Just like Chloe, Savannah has some tips for those that have animals and livestock at the fair this weekend.

“Always have water in the pens, always make sure your goats have water,” said Urbanski. "The fans always help.”

Event organizers like Toby Manges also have some suggestions for you and your family to stay cool and enjoy the fair.

“Stay hydrated, drink lots of water while you’re out here,” said Manges.

Manges tells ABC 57 News the fair has placed misting fans strategically throughout the fair grounds.

In the event you or a loved one need help, Manges says you can go up to any event organizer like himself or to any vendor as the vendors know how to get ahold of medical assistance.

“Come on out to the fair, it’s a nice family fair. I know our livestock will start to come in this weekend," said Manges. "After Sunday, we’ll have plenty of livestock here, all the cattle. And we’re doing everything we can to keep them cool and keep them healthy and safe."

Event organizers tell ABC 57 News first aid is available for anyone who might need it.

The South Bend Fire Department will also be driving around throughout the fair grounds to assist anyone in need.

Event organizers are very excited to receive the crowds at the fair, which runs through July 7.

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