Fake utility worker scam

LA PORTE COUNTY, Ind. -- A La Porte County resident claims that a man falsely dressed as a utility worker is involved in the disappearance of money from her home.

The homeowner reports that while she was doing yard work the scammer approached and informed her of utility work that was going to take place in her area.

The scammer then rallied the fake information into a long and extended conversation.  

After talking, the resident reports that the man left her area on foot and she never saw a vehicle.

Following that conversation, the homeowner claims she went inside and discovered a large sum of money was missing from its usual location.

The woman then called the utility company that services her area to learn they did not have any representatives speaking to customers in her area on that day.

The La Porte County Sherriff’s Office reports the description given of the scammer being a 5’8” Caucasian man, in his 40’s, medium build and with gray hair.

Anyone with information related to this incident or a similar scam is asked to call 219-326-7700 or email [email protected].

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