Fall fun starts Saturday at A-mazing Acres

When you think of fall, it is impossible not to think of corn mazes, hay rides, pumpkins, apple cannons and outdoor activities. You will be able to find all of that starting Saturday at A-mazing Acres in Edwardsburg!

Back in 1998, the owners of a-mazing acres, Roni and Rick Hoff, started a pumpkin patch, but they soon realized that there was much more potential for families to have fun together out in the country, so  they bought a farm, fixed it up and it turned it into A-mazing Acres.

"We joined an agro-tourism group trying to educate the public about where the food comes from, animals, and really putting emphasis on family and farms across the nation. The idea was to educate through entertainment," explains Roni.

One of the biggest draws, and a pun in the name of the farm, is their corn maze. The idea all started from a farmer who thought it was fun to play in fields of corn as a kid, and it transformed into a scavenger hunt with a theme. The corn this year is fourteen feet tall, which about 4.5 feet taller than normal thanks to rain. This year’s theme is longhorn cattle, and that is the shape that the corn maze makes.

The Hoffs start preparing almost a full year in advanced.  "We get together in the wintertime and decide what would be really fun for our families to do. So this year we are celebrating getting Texas Longhorns, so we thought that would be really fun to showcase that. So we draw out some pictures, and I use stick figures, and then we get together with our designer who is in Utah, and they come out in July and cut the corn for us," says Roni.

The weather will be warm and perfect, but more summer-like than fall-like. A-mazing Acres will be open Saturdays and Sundays 10AM to 8PM and Wednesday through Friday 4PM to 8PM. The farm will be open through mid-October, and all of the corn is harvested in mid-November.

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