Family and Children's Center creates new program to better prepare kids for kindergarten

NOW: Family and Children’s Center creates new program to better prepare kids for kindergarten

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- The pandemic has created a loss of learning among students nationwide. This is a conversation ABC57 has been following since the beginning. But now, some schools are finding there is also a delay in learning with kids coming into kindergarten unprepared.

The Family and Children’s Center is one of Northern Indiana’s major Non-profit Human Service Agency. They serve more than 800 children and their families annually across St. Joseph County through early childhood and parent education support programs.

Now, the organization has found a new way to reach kids. Tech crossing is an educational, virtual option for kids between the ages of 3 to 5. It is designed to help kids in the county be better prepared for kindergarten.

With the pandemic, some parents do not feel safe about day care, or preschool. Not only does this program resolve this concern, but it also provides opportunities for low income families. FCC even provides a tablet if a family cannot afford it.

This is all an effort for these young kids to start kindergarten with a strong foundation!

“We have discovered that kids in the area are not fully prepared for kindergarten, whether its not going to day care or preschool, not getting that early intervention,” says Brittany Vanoverberghe. “We have found there is a big need for that, so we thought this program could be helpful to get them on track for their education.”

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