Family of 18-year-old shooting victim calls killing "senseless"

South Bend, Ind. -- Karen Grayson-Taylor loved her only son, Charles Roberts III, more than anyone will ever know.

"It was such a senseless killing," Grayson-Taylor said. "And why? They didn't just kill my son. They took my heart."

She was doing a college assignment on the computer last night when she heard gun shots shortly after 8 p.m.

"It was just so clear," Grayson-Taylor said. "First, I thought it was fireworks, so I started to run to the door, and my husband said get down!"

When her husband opened the door, her son Charles fell inside the house. "He said, 'They shot me'," Grayson-Taylor said. And that's when they called the ambulance.

Roberts was taken to the hospital, but suffered injuries so severe, he died soon after.

"I work for the Army. I'm a veteran," Grayson-Taylor said. "I tried to protect my son. I went to the war, and protected my country, and I couldn't protect my son."

Her son Charles had just turned 18-years-old.

What bothers her the most is that he only wanted to sit outside on the porch.

"They took my only son," Grayson-Taylor said. "And for what? For what!? I just hope they get caught."

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