Family of Plymouth murder victim holds candle light vigil

NOW: Family of Plymouth murder victim holds candle light vigil


PLYMOUTH, Ind. - The family of a woman who was killed with a machete on Sunday is trying to keep her spirit alive. Jill McCarty was the victim in Sunday's killing. Her children helped put together the vigil so that the neighborhood could "come together and remember her for who she was and not for how she left," said one of her children.

"It was a horrifying ordeal. We just wanted to come together and show that she was loved," said McCarty's son Richard Hobkins. "She was taken from us way too fast."

The family said they have not been able to see McCarty's body because police have told them it is "too mangled" from the crime.

Family members and neighbors stood in front of the front door of McCarty's house, still boarded up after being set fire Sunday, and prayed, individually lit candles and displayed them on the front steps of the house and let loose balloons to symbolically "raise her spirit."

As the balloons were let go, people yelled "We love you Momma Jill!" and "RIP Jill!"

McCarty's children signed the balloons before release them.

Police arrested 35-year-old Duane Longacre and have charged him with murder, resisting arrest and arson. His initial court appearance was Tuesday. He is due back in court in Marshall County July 15th.

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