Family of pregnant mother that was killed over the weekend speaks out, asks for community's help

NOW: Family of pregnant mother that was killed over the weekend speaks out, asks for community’s help

ELKHART, Ind. -- An Elkhart family is mourning the loss of a pregnant mother gunned down at a house on Morton Avenue.

The family of 34-year-old Danielle Robinson desperately wants to know who shot the pregnant mom and why someone targeted her specifically.

Danielle's family spoke exclusively with ABC 57 News Tuesday afternoon.

The family confirms Danielle was expecting a baby boy.

Now, they're asking for the community's help with the funeral arrangements, as well as finding the person responsible.

"Imagine if this was your first born child," said Angelia Robinson, Danielle's aunt. "This was my sister's first born child."

It's a phone call no one ever wants to get.

Cherrelle Robinson, Danielle's sister, was in bed when her other sister, Chantel, called her with the news.

That phone call confirming Danielle was dead, after she was murdered in cold blood Saturday night.

"It wasn’t fair, it wasn’t right," said Sunovia Robinson, Danielle's cousin. "They decided to take her life for her, it wasn’t her time to go."

"It can’t be her," said Cherrelle.

Danielle was 7 months pregnant when someone shot her at a home on Morton Avenue.

"That was my first thought: is this a dream? Is this a nightmare? This can't be real," said Cherrelle. "My mind just shattered all over. I didn’t even have thoughts."

Cherrelle says Danielle was shot three times on Saturday night.

"And they were fatal," said Cherrelle. "But we will get justice for her and we won’t stop until we find who did this to her."

Tony Bonds, Danielle's father, is still trying to process the pain.

"I lost my daughter is what I’m going through," said Bonds.

Danielle was his first born child.

"Somebody gotta be held responsible for what happened," he added.

An entire family is now grieving, asking why someone would commit such a horrific act.

"Right now, I’m not holding up very good because I’m hurt because my daughter is laying out there in the morgue, and my grandson is laying out there in the morgue," said Bonds. "And they have nobody in custody."

Speaking to Danielle's loved ones about her and her life, a common theme was present; Danielle's love for her children.

"Danielle just loved family," said Washington. "She had 6 children, expecting her 7th, because she loved children so much."

Now those children have to face the future without their mother.

"What was the goal? What did she do so horrible for someone to do something like this to her,?" asked Washington.

The family wants the suspect to turn himself in.

"Clear your conscience," said Washington. "Just come forward and, you know, give us some closure on this. I mean, we’ll never get closure, we can’t get Danielle back, but at least give us a little bit of peace."

Investigators say they are continuing to follow up on leads to find the killer.

If you have any information, you're urged to call the Elkhart County Homicide Unit at (574) 295-2821.

Investigators say you can remain anonymous.

The family has also started a GoFundMe Page to help with the funeral expenses.

Danielle will have a public visitation on Monday at 11 a.m. at Agape Church in Elkhart.

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