Mother of survivor says she beat alleged child molester

NOW: Mother of survivor says she beat alleged child molester


ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. - A man accused of trying to molest two little girls is behind bars with two black eyes.

One parent is saying she and other family members beat up the suspect.

“I want people to know what we did. We hunted him down like a freakin’ dog, and we beat him until he was bloody and begging,” the mother said.

This St. Joseph County parent says it took her just hours after her daughter reported attempted molestation, to find suspect, Matthew Jackson Philson.

“He put his hands on my daughter. The only justice for me at that point in time was to make him bleed for it,” the mother said.

The traditional justice system is also at work.

The suspect was arrested Wednesday, under one charge of child molesting and two of attempted child molesting.

The mother says she called police first thing after her daughter told her what happened.

“My heart just burst into a million pieces. I mean, what can you say to a little girl?” the mother said.

According to charging documents, the woman’s daughter, 10, and her friend, 11, were at a sleepover.

Philson was also at the house where the sleepover was taking place.

The girls told police that Philson repeatedly tried to undress them and touch them.

According to documents, he later confessed to raping and molesting the 11-year-old in past months.

“There is no amount of jail time sufficient enough to make up for traumatizing a child,” the mother said.

She says she and two other family members are willing to take any punishment for giving the suspect these bruises, to make up for the mental wounds allegedly left on the two little girls.

“I’ll do anything for them, even if it means hunting down a pedophile and beating the crap out of him,” the mother said.

The mother says she’ll continue to take her daughter to therapy to aid her recovery.

Philson has not been to exonerated nor convicted yet in the case.

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