Family of suspect in Goshen PD involved shooting speaks out

NOW: Family of suspect in Goshen PD involved shooting speaks out

GOSHEN, Ind. -

A Goshen Police involved shooting left one person dead and an innocent bystander injured.

19-year-old Michael Alcaraz was shot and killed by Goshen Police after an attempted carjacking at the BP gas Station on US 33 started a police chase.

Alcaraz ran from police until he got out of the car was shot and killed.

Only on ABC57 the suspect’s family is sharing their story.

Both parents said Michael was acting normal; neither of them noticed any differences in his mood or attitude that morning of the shooting.  

Michael’s dad asked him that morning, “Are you okay? Did you sleep well?” He said yes and I didn’t see any problem, that’s why I didn’t make anything of it. He said he was coming right back.”

Michael’s parents will remember Wednesday morning as the day they lost their son.

Teofiala Alcaraz says, “I hope no one has to go through losing a child ever.”

Goshen Police received a shot’s fired call Wednesday morning, involving a man who was attempting several carjackings.  

The suspect, Michael Alcaraz, fled to Double D’s parking lot and when he stepped out of the vehicle shots were fired.

During that crossfire a bystander, Fernando Cuevas, was also injured.

The three Goshen PD officers involved were Sgt. Gregory Stuart Smith, Patrolman Todd A.  Shilder and Patrolman Coty R. Brown.

There are still many unanswered questions and now the family has to deal with that, plus the loss of a family member.

Teofiala, Michael’s mom spoke to ABC57 on Monday at her son’s funeral. She says many family members were surprised by Michael’s actions. “He was a good kid. He never did anything to hurt anyone.”

She adds her family hasn’t heard anything from police, even though they have reached out.

“We don’t know anything. I have asked many questions and asked for video, but they told me that was going to take a long time. “

The overall message that the family wants to send is that they will accept the consequences, but if Michael’s death could’ve been prevented  they are going to fight for justice.

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