Family rebuilding life after house catches on fire

NOW: Family rebuilding life after house catches on fire


ELKHART, Ind. - A family now figuring out their next steps after their home was badly damaged in a fire. The dad had to jump off the roof to escape the fire, and the mom was forced to toss her baby down to safety before jumping herself. 

Both Antwuan Gray and Tamra Lancaster shattered their right heels from the jump, and may need surgery. Gray also fractured his knee. 

The baby is okay, and the family is thankful their injuries aren't worse.

"I was scared to death of losing my family, and I just acted." said Gray.

He and Lancaster woke up Thursday morning to the smell of smoke. 

When they realized their garage was on fire, they escaped through their bedroom window with their two-month-old daughter. 

"We're screaming for help at this time. We're on the roof, ya know, yelling 'Help! Help! We have kids inside. Help!'" said Gray.

Gray said he was on autopilot during the incident, just trying to make sure everyone was out of the house and safe. 

Several people lived in the home, but these three were the only ones home at the time. 

And this isn't the first time the family has been affected by fire. 

Gray says a fire took place at that same spot years ago when his grandparents lived there. 

"My aunt as a baby didn't make it," he said.

So Gray knows how bad it could have been, but he doesn't want to focus on that. 

The family has not been able to go back in the house yet, so they don't know how much they lost in the fire. 

But Gray says he doesn't care. He has his family, and that's what matters. 

"Anything else that was in the house can be replaced," he said. "We can't be."

Now, the family is surrounded by their loved ones. They say it was a lesson that tomorrow is never guaranteed. 

"What's next for me and my family? Achieving everything that we ever wanted to achieve," Gray said.

The family says they are so grateful for their community and the emergency responders that have helped them through everything. 

A go-fund-me was created to help the family get back on their feet. 

The link to donate is can be found here

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