Family tries to put out own house fire in LaPorte

A LaPorte family was displaced after their home caught fire just after 1 a.m. Friday.

The Kingsford Union fire department says the fire started in the kitchen.

Fortunately they were able to put it out before much damage was done.

And they may have had some help from the family inside.

"Once we got here the homeowners were actually trying to put their own fire out,"said fire chief Brian Nurnburg. "They were using five gallon buckets to extinguish the fire."

The fire chief says they will be investigating further. He is concerned about a recent increase in fires.

"Building materials. The different building materials they are using now. Just different things that homeowners are doing. Faulty extension cords. Power strips. And stuff like that."

No one was injured.

The cause is undetermined.
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