Fans head to Norman for Notre Dame-Oklahoma must-see matchup

NOTRE DAME, Ind. -- They say you can't help who you fall in love with and with this weekend's rivalry between Notre Dame and Oklahoma that couldn't be more true! A divided couple and a RV full of fans hit the road. Their destination? Norman, Oklahoma!

Cooler check. Chairs check. "Beer, food, and TP."

 Die hard fans, like David Armrhien, are packed and ready to go.

"It's going to be a long drive, 16 hours. We are going to try and drive through the night."

But the question isn't if these fans are ready, it's if they can make it.

"Depending on the outcome of the game somebody may be flying home, or it may be a long way back for some of us," said Armrhien.

On board the RV, 10 Irish fans and Sooner fans, side by side for for 15 hours.

"And this is our lovely bed that all ten of us are sleeping on," said Meghan Kirwan as she show us around.

Surprisingly, this must-see matchup even has one couple divided too! The stakes are high for the born and raised Notre Dame fan that managed to fall in love with a Sooner.  

"OU is going to win and when OU wins she [Kirwan] is going to cook me dinner and clean the house," said Matt Teters.   

"But really he is going to make me steaks and asparagus," Kirwan shot back.  

In just hours, these unlikely friends will have a front row seat to one of the biggest college football games of the year. 

So, for now, we will just have to wait to see who rolls away with the victory. 

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