One person dead in crash at 933 & Pendle Street

NOW: One person dead in crash at 933 & Pendle Street


“In a situation like this, everything is going through my head,” said Christina Thomas, an employee at Biggby Coffee.

South Bend resident and employee Christina Thomas is shaken after witnessing a fatal accident right outside the window of where she was working Friday morning.

“We were just all making coffee, it was kind of a rush and we all heard a big loud boom. It was very loud and all of us had looked up and seen what happened,” said Thomas.

Around 11:30 Friday morning Saint Joseph County police say a vehicle heading north on State Road 933 crossed the center line hitting several other vehicles including a semi, flipped several times, and finally came to a rest behind Biggby coffee where Christina was inside working.

“I kind of caught a glimpse of the one vehicle that had ended up in the back of our building. I caught it rolling.. and I called 911 immediately,” said Thomas.

The driver of the vehicle who crossed the center line died in the accident.

“Our shift leader, she went out the front door to see if she could assist with CPR because she is certified with that. And then once I got off the phone with 911 I went out also to see if anybody needed anything if everyone was ok and .. just to check,” said Thomas.

Those several others involved in the accident were rushed to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

The County Coroner cofirms the driver of the vehicle died of natural causes after initially going into cardiac arrest before hitting the other vehicles.

“Asked everybody else if they needed anything.. just you know if they were hurt, anything. I just pray that the one lady, she’s ok and I just hope everybody else is ok,” said Thomas.

The intersection reopened around 2 p.m.

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